Welcome to the #EHPSTORY Community!
Weddings are magical. Marriage was designed to be magical too.



1 )     What a neat idea to create this community for couples to grow together in their marriages. Can anyone join?
        Unfortunately, no. The #EHPSTORY Community is really specifically for couples who have hired or will hire Evan
        Hampton Photography to photograph their wedding day story.

2 )    What does this online community involve?
        The online community is a Facebook group that I created where all of my couples over the years can gather to
        encourage each other through marriage hurdles like finances, or celebrate one another during exciting news like
        having babies or a new job. A newlywed couple will have a lot to learn from a couple married for ten years, just as
        much as an older married couple will gain insight from a newlywed couple. It's meant to be like a dinner table where
        we can all communicate, have some fun and "feast" on the wonderful story of marriage and what it means, and what it takes, to make it last.

3 )    What if I don't want to broadcast my marriage problems?
        A lot of people might not be as open of a book as I tend to be. I respect and understand that. I encourage people
        to contact me directly, anonymous or otherwise, with the issue they need help addressing. I will post it into the
        group page on their behalf so that person can still read what others have to say and grow from there.

4 )    A free trip to Walt Disney World?! What's the catch?
        There is no catch. I truly consider couples who hire me for their wedding to be friends. I also take great pride in
        being asked to handle their wedding photography. This annual trip to Walt Disney World is for these friends I've had
        the pleasure of documenting their love story. It's a chance for all of these couples to come together outside of the
        online community to meet in person and just have a good time. So, as long as you've hired me for select packages to document your wedding,
        you will be included in the free invite to "The Happiest Place on Earth." Couples who hired me in the lower tier packages are always invited as well, but at their own cost.

5 )    Can I bring our kids with us to Walt Disney World?
        Of course your kids are welcome as they are part of your continued story. I'd love nothing more than to see the
        growth of your story of man and wife become a story of a house of three, then four and so on be represented each
        year on the trip to Disney World. However, the free park admission only applies to the two of you who's wedding I
        photographed, and you will need to pay for your child(ren).

6 )    So when are these annual Disney trips going to take place and what is included?
        The current plan is to take the first trip in Spring 2019, and more information will come at a later date. It will include
        park admission for two only, and matching t-shirts for everyone so we can look like one of those Disney Family
        Reunions for a group picture. The hope is that over the years I might be able to include a dinner, a dinner with a
        guest speaker, and even hotel accommodations. I really can't wait to see that group photo get larger every year.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to me and I will happily answer them.
Welcome to the #EHPSTORY Community!