Amy + Ian's Epcot and Magic Kingdom Engagement | Walt Disney World

It goes without saying that any couple that shares a love of Disney with me is going to become an immediate friend. Amy and Ian were no different. When we met at the back entrance of Epcot to start their engagement session, it was like I was meeting up with old friends. They were both so welcoming and kind. Just as if I was seeing old friends I hadn’t seen in quite some time. The three of us went steadily throughout the different countries pavilions in World Showcase. France, UK, Morocco, Canada all provided great settings for images.

We left Epcot on the monorail towards Magic Kingdom to capture even more. As we walked around the lands surrounding Cinderella’s Castle, I got to know them more and more and grew equally excited to witness their wedding in 2020. You could tell how perfect they were for each other and how ecstatic they were to share their future plans with me of potentially moving back home to South Dakota and starting a new career path.

I enjoyed my time with them so much and was appreciative to be their to capture this entry into this new chapter in their lives together. Here are some of my favorites from our time together at their Walt Disney World engagement session.


Angelica + David's San Diego Engagement

Angelica and David met in Jacksonville Beach when they were next door neighbors. They knew of each other for two years before David had the strength to ask her out. Dave asked her out at Ginger’s, a little hole in the wall bar nearby. After 9 months of dating, Dave left for deployment to serve our country with the U.S. Navy. The long distance really put their relationship to the test. Once he returned, Angelica knew he was the one she had been waiting for.

Dave received new orders with the Navy to be reassigned in San Diego, California…and Angelica went with him. They have since enjoyed the days filled with beaches, 70 degree weather all year, beautiful sunsets and lots of love and growth together. One afternoon, Angelica and Dave went to one of her favorite places in San Diego. Sunset Cliffs. It was here that Dave got down on one knee and made Angelica the happiest woman on Earth.

I had the pleasure recently one weekend to travel and capture their San Diego Engagement session. We got photos where he proposed at Sunset Cliffs, went to Balboa Park and also the Point Loma Lighthouse. Angelica and Dave showed me all around their new home city in Southern California, and I can’t wait to go back in July 2019 for their wedding! Here are some of my favorites from our time together.


Kassie + Drew's Savannah Engagement

Kassie and Drew met under unusual circumstances. They’re together, you could say, because of a simple dare. Kassie was dared by her friends to create a profile on the online dating site, Tinder, using a bunch of silly photographs and descriptions. Drew comes along, sees the profile, and thinks Kassie had to be seen. So they went out on a first date, and the rest, as they say, is history. I had the pleasure of being able to tell another chapter in their story for their Savannah Georgia Engagement Session as well as the beach of Tybee Island.

Here are some of my favorites from our morning together in Savannah.


Sana + Jafar's New York City Engagement

I've had the pleasure of traveling to New York City recently to capture the engagement portraits of Sana + Jafar. The two of them met, like most couples in the 21st Century, by online dating. Hey, it works, because these two are clear proof of that. When I asked how they got engaged, the story gets more magical. Sana thought she was being handed a phone charger. "I feel so silly about it, but I had told him I needed a new phone charger," she said. "So, when I was handed this box, I just simply thought he was gifting me a new charger." I must say I laugh about it now just typing it because it's so funny to remember them telling me about it. Obviously the misunderstanding was quickly made clear, Sana said "yes," and the rest they say...history. With Jafar living in NYC already, and the two of them living there after the wedding, The Big Apple was a great place for us to tell their visual story together through the engagement session. We had a great time visiting places all over the city during an entire cold day. From Central Park to DUMBO in Brooklyn, it was a real delight getting to get to know them more and shoot some fun images together. Here are some of my favorites...


Nicole + Rusty's Fernandina Beach Engagement

Nicole and Rusty are two high school teachers, and they're probably the coolest teachers I'll ever know. They were so much fun and easy going during their engagement session in Fernandina Beach. It was almost one year to the day that Rusty proposed to Nicole, as he did so around Christmastime 2016, so it was great to do these engagement photos around the same time of year. We did photos in various places around Amelia Island and at the beach. I really can't wait to photograph their wedding this coming summer 2018! Here are some of my favorites from their engagement session.

Melanie + Matt's Walt Disney World Engagement

There really is something to be said about the magic of Disney. It doesn't matter if you're a big Disney fan. No one can really argue that Disney is something special. Whether we grew up watching The Lion King, Aladdin or Cinderella, we all know the way Disney and Disney World can captivate our imaginations. Heck, my 3-year-old son can hum along to the Disney intro music at the beginning of each of their movies.

Melanie + Matt are ones who love Disney! They've done the Disney 10K and they go to Disney World pretty much all the time. And I know, because my family has gone with them several times. Matt was interested in Melanie so much that he purchased an Annual Pass for Disney World just to hang out with her more. Now, here they are! They'll be getting married early this year (2017) on a Disney Cruise and I can't wait to be there and document it for them. Here are some of the highlights of their engagement session throughout Walt Disney World.

Megan + Scott's New York City Engagement

I loved having the opportunity to fly up to NYC and photograph an engagement session for Megan and Scott. They are new residents to the Big Apple, and thought it would make a great setting to document the beginning of their new life together. We had a great time walking around Central Park as well as taking a nice stroll on The High Line along the lower west side. They had such a fun, silly time with me on that cold New York afternoon. I can't wait to see how much fun will be had at their wedding in April 2017. Here are some of my favorite shots from the time spent together.

Rebekah + Skyler's UNF/JAX Beach Engagement

Doing this job allows me the pleasure to meet lots of different couples. Some are reserved and held back some and just do whatever you tell them. Sadly, there are some who argue with each other and I sometimes wonder if they'll make it. Then there are some like Rebekah and Skyler. Two people who love each other so fully it might rival any classic love story. It's the type of love I think every couple strives for. They both attended the University of North Florida, and it felt right to go there for some of their engagement session. We also went to Jacksonville Beach pier. I'm very much looking forward to their wedding in 2017 and I know they will be celebrating their love like they did today during our time together. Here are some of my favorites.