Melanie & Matt's Disney Cruise Line Wedding | Disney Dream

Their future is setting sail. They've raised the anchor on their relationship. I could literally come up with nautical puns for days that talks about Melanie and Matt's Disney Cruise Line wedding aboard the Disney Dream. I was very humbled and thrilled to be able to capture their whole wedding weekend as we sailed in the Bahamas. They got to meet Mickey and his friends, enjoy a pirate plunder with Jack Sparrow, run a 5K race together on Disney's private island and even have Mickey photo bomb their portrait session.

The ceremony happened aboard Deck 14 of the Disney Dream as we were at port in Nassau. The magnificent couple and their friends and family witnessed the couple's next chapter begin as we all got a great view of the water and the pianist played Disney classics on the ivories. After getting to photograph their engagement session at Walt Disney World, I was happy to continue to tell their Disney story about the Disney Cruise Line vessel. Here are some of the highlights of their day.