Melanie & Matt's Disney Cruise Line Wedding | Disney Dream

Their future is setting sail. They've raised the anchor on their relationship. I could literally come up with nautical puns for days that talks about Melanie and Matt's Disney Cruise Line wedding aboard the Disney Dream. I was very humbled and thrilled to be able to capture their whole wedding weekend as we sailed in the Bahamas. They got to meet Mickey and his friends, enjoy a pirate plunder with Jack Sparrow, run a 5K race together on Disney's private island and even have Mickey photo bomb their portrait session.

The ceremony happened aboard Deck 14 of the Disney Dream as we were at port in Nassau. The magnificent couple and their friends and family witnessed the couple's next chapter begin as we all got a great view of the water and the pianist played Disney classics on the ivories. After getting to photograph their engagement session at Walt Disney World, I was happy to continue to tell their Disney story about the Disney Cruise Line vessel. Here are some of the highlights of their day.

Melanie + Matt's Walt Disney World Engagement

There really is something to be said about the magic of Disney. It doesn't matter if you're a big Disney fan. No one can really argue that Disney is something special. Whether we grew up watching The Lion King, Aladdin or Cinderella, we all know the way Disney and Disney World can captivate our imaginations. Heck, my 3-year-old son can hum along to the Disney intro music at the beginning of each of their movies.

Melanie + Matt are ones who love Disney! They've done the Disney 10K and they go to Disney World pretty much all the time. And I know, because my family has gone with them several times. Matt was interested in Melanie so much that he purchased an Annual Pass for Disney World just to hang out with her more. Now, here they are! They'll be getting married early this year (2017) on a Disney Cruise and I can't wait to be there and document it for them. Here are some of the highlights of their engagement session throughout Walt Disney World.

Govinda & Brad's Oakleaf Plantation Wedding | Orange Park, FL

I had the pleasure of photographing this bride once already when she was a bridesmaid for her friend Kelsey's wedding last year. Now, it was Govinda's turn to be the bride...and she looked stunning! Her and Brad met during the rivalry weekend of Florida vs. Georgia and went to the football game together several years ago. It's only fitting that on their wedding day Florida played against LSU, and won! So needless to say, they are diehard Gators fans. Their ceremony and reception took place at Oakleaf Plantation and was really beautifully done. They had a great party with their friends and family and participated in their own mannequin challenge on the dance floor. Here are some of my favorite images from their wedding day.

Erica & David's Casa Marina Wedding | Jacksonville Beach, FL

Erica and David really know how to throw a party. They had an unforgettable wedding day at Casa Marina in Jacksonville Beach. Though the temperature might have gotten high a little bit, the bride and groom kept completely cool throughout the whole event and came together for their beautiful "I Do's" overlooking the beach. Both the ceremony and reception took place there, with the dancing happening under the stars with a live band. The two of them are completely perfect for one another and I know they are going to have a great future together. Here are some highlights from the day at the beach.

Megan + Scott's New York City Engagement

I loved having the opportunity to fly up to NYC and photograph an engagement session for Megan and Scott. They are new residents to the Big Apple, and thought it would make a great setting to document the beginning of their new life together. We had a great time walking around Central Park as well as taking a nice stroll on The High Line along the lower west side. They had such a fun, silly time with me on that cold New York afternoon. I can't wait to see how much fun will be had at their wedding in April 2017. Here are some of my favorite shots from the time spent together.

Priscilla & Kyle's Bowing Oaks Plantation Wedding | Jacksonville, FL

I got to know the new Mr. & Mrs. Stoudenmire mostly during their engagement session many months ago down at Washington Oaks Park. The two of them are clearly in love with each other. Just watching them on their wedding day grin at one another was really funny. They knew that it was a day they wouldn't forget, and I won't either. They had a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception at the great Bowing Oaks Plantation on Jacksonville's Southside. The event was greeted with perfect fall Florida weather that lasted all evening too. I so sincerely wish the two of them the happiest future together. Here are some of my favorites from the day.

Jennifer & Grant's Lindsey Plantation Wedding | Taylors, SC

I had such a fantastic time capturing images for Jennifer and Grant's fabulous wedding day in Taylors, SC at the Lindsey Plantation! Though it might have been hot and humid, everyone was operating at such a high level of joy and enthusiasm. With a view of the mountains on the horizon, the lovely couple wed in the field of the plantation under a beautiful arch set among rolls of hay and tall summer grass. Their reception took place in the beautiful barn and featured a stunning cake, amazing BBQ, and corn hole and other fun outside games. I wish nothing but the best of future days for Jennifer and Grant and can't wait to see how the Lord blesses and guides them in their new life together. Here are some highlights from the beautiful August day.

Rebekah + Skyler's UNF/JAX Beach Engagement

Doing this job allows me the pleasure to meet lots of different couples. Some are reserved and held back some and just do whatever you tell them. Sadly, there are some who argue with each other and I sometimes wonder if they'll make it. Then there are some like Rebekah and Skyler. Two people who love each other so fully it might rival any classic love story. It's the type of love I think every couple strives for. They both attended the University of North Florida, and it felt right to go there for some of their engagement session. We also went to Jacksonville Beach pier. I'm very much looking forward to their wedding in 2017 and I know they will be celebrating their love like they did today during our time together. Here are some of my favorites.