Melanie + Matt's Walt Disney World Engagement

There really is something to be said about the magic of Disney. It doesn't matter if you're a big Disney fan. No one can really argue that Disney is something special. Whether we grew up watching The Lion King, Aladdin or Cinderella, we all know the way Disney and Disney World can captivate our imaginations. Heck, my 3-year-old son can hum along to the Disney intro music at the beginning of each of their movies.

Melanie + Matt are ones who love Disney! They've done the Disney 10K and they go to Disney World pretty much all the time. And I know, because my family has gone with them several times. Matt was interested in Melanie so much that he purchased an Annual Pass for Disney World just to hang out with her more. Now, here they are! They'll be getting married early this year (2017) on a Disney Cruise and I can't wait to be there and document it for them. Here are some of the highlights of their engagement session throughout Walt Disney World.